Best Stress Relief Gifts To Play Your Stress Away

Best Stress Relief Gifts To Play Your Stress Away

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When thinking of ways to relieve stress, playing board games might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But did you know that board games actually make the best stress relief gifts?

Actually, the participation in a board game can help reduce stress by allowing the mind to focus on something else.

Games of strategy such as chess, can help get rid of stress by focusing the mind on the challenge of out-thinking your opponent. Board games that engage the thought processes of the mind work best for relieving stress.  Why? Because the thoughts the mind has is what causes the stress in the first place. When you aren’t thinking about the issues that are stressing you out, you let yourself relax and can regroup after the engaging game.

Scrabble Deluxe Edition GameScrabble Deluxe Edition GameThe Game of Things Board GameThe Game of Things Board Game


best stress relief gifts

Games of Strategy Make The BEST Stress Relief Gifts

Games of strategy can include board games where players need to make decisions which will affect their game play. Monopoly and other decision making games are good for getting rid of stress. Add them to your list of best stress relief gifts.

Not only do you need to focus on the choices you will make during the game, but you also need to pay attention to what the other players are doing. This type of board game is also more actively engaging so there is more conversation and more opportunity for relaxing, letting go and having fun.

Board games where you need to create words or draw pictures in order to score points can also be helpful for reducing stress. The more you need to actively participate in the game, the better it is for getting rid of stress.

As the game progresses your mind begins to shift gears away from the thoughts which are causing you stress and more toward the activity going on in the game.

If you’re looking for a fun way to relieve stress or are running out of ideas for the best stress relief gifts, be sure to check out some fantastic stress-busting and fun games here.

Sequence GameSequence GameTicket To RideTicket To RideCodenamesCodenamesSpot ItSpot It


Find More Fun Board Games For Your Stress Relief

Nintendo Wii For Stress Relief

Video games consoles are not necessarily created for children and teenagers only. In fact, many adults find that playing certain kinds of video games help them relax and unwind.

Using the Nintendo WII for stress relief is not as far-fetched as you might be inclined to believe. In fact, there are several genres of video games intended for providing stress relief; making a Nintendo Wii and games perfect stress relief products.

Puzzle games are one type of video format for the Nintendo WII system that can enhance concentration. Many adults find that playing puzzle and strategy games are great stress busters. These games help the player unwind and forget everyday distractions. For many people, role playing games have the same effect.

Nintendo Wii Console BlackNintendo Wii Console BlackWii PlayWii Play


Top Stress Relief Gifts to Boost Fitness

Nintendo WII for stress relief may also be achieved with the use of fitness and sports titles. Besides helping the player burn calories and stay in shape, these games relive stress without having to go to the gym. Some of the wellness games for fitness come with accessories as well. These video games are often fully customizable to adjust to the player’s skill level. Cardio workouts are noted for stress relief by many medical experts.

Exercise, dance and fitness games for Wii console are great stress relievers, but there are other game genres that are equally relaxing. Games designed for the mind and soul include simulation games such as Endless Ocean. Fishing simulation games are also created for relaxation and stress relief. Meditation games for Nintendo WII are also designed to enhance inner peace and relaxation. When choosing Nintendo video games for stress relief, it is best to read the description carefully or rent the game first to see if it is suitable.

Wii SportsWii SportsWii Fit Game with Balance BoardWii Fit Game with Balance Board


See? Playing video games is good for your health; in particular your mental health!

One of these Nintendo Wii games below may be perfect for your you. Be sure to pick up some video games for yourself or as stress relief gifts!

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  1. I love to play games – never thought about it as stress relieving . . .how cool is that??!

  2. Great selection! My kids love Spot It and Sequence, but I hadn’t thought of using it as a de-stressor myself.

  3. @hchybinski, playing games is one of the most stress relieving things you can do as a group. Think family night, think friends over on the weekend for dinner, a movie and some board games! Endless fun! Stress be gone! 🙂

    @Georgiana, thanks for the comment. Spot it is a ton of fun for kids AND grown-ups alike. Why let the kids have all the fun. Join them for a round of SPOT IT and watch your stress melt away! I promise!

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